Document and Summary Review

Environmental Risk Professionals provides a comprehensive review of pertinent documents and/or databases to determine the environmental status and risks associated with sites under consideration for pollution coverage.

As part of our review, we provide clients with a letter summary of the findings, bringing awareness to clients regarding their environmental exposures. In addition, our efforts help reduce the amount of time underwriters spend reviewing submissions by providing one comprehensive summary of the issues contained in various environmental documents.

Types of Documents Reviewed:

  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Groundwater Monitoring Reports
  • Compliance Related Issues
  • Remedial Progress Reports
  • Laboratory Data
  • Closure Reports
  • Other documents by request

These types of documents can contain hundreds of pages of supporting information, historical investigation summaries, laboratory data, and opinions regarding the current status of contamination and future development. For some sites, the contamination dates back decades and it can be difficult to find the current issues without taking hours or days to review. We go through each document and summarize the known conditions, contaminants of concern and current status of any ongoing cleanup so that informed decisions can be made regarding the insurance risk.

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